Our Story

It seemed for us, for a while, that life was moving us along a direction we didn’t want to go. Years of financial and other stresses coming to an inextricable and frightening climax. At the very worst of it, I learned that I had to let go of a few things, like control and fear. 

More to the story…

I learned instead to grasp firmly at the joys that were in my life; the children, the horses, dogs and creatures that blessed us with their personalities and unconditional love. I learned to dream again and that no matter what seemed to be happening around us – no matter how dark or scary it was – that it all was okay. The sun would rise and fall, life would move on and we can take the love in our hearts with us where ever we went.

As I made these changes to my thinking, doors opened up and life got better and better.  The first major change was the sudden availability of the perfect place for all of us when we needed it the most! Sixty acres of rolling farmland, streams, springs, woodlands and a an old farm home plenty big enough for the family.  Here we were on this beautiful piece of property where we were all thriving! Horses and goats were fat and happy. We were active, traveling again, camping, riding and thoroughly enjoying the farm and all of our furry, four-footed friends that live here with us.

After some time, the door on this beautiful place closed as well and we began a new, and even more incredible chapter in our family farm and adventures. And while there is much work to do to prepare for the many outreach programs we are developing, there is joy in the work and we all pitch in now – together. Tackling it as a family.

Here, I will chronicle our new farm life. The ups, downs and in-betweens. As we build a new life for ourselves and our children. We are a homeschooling family working towards some sustainability. We are growing turkeys, chickens, goats, and a pig. In our immediate future is a family cow and an aquaponic garden.

Join us as we try new things, research endless possibilities and enjoy the learning and growing process of life!

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