front porch viewSmith Rd House

Yes. Moving. A whole farmAnd what an ordeal it is.

Why, we are asked, would you move your farm? Well, as it were, the beautiful, 60 acre farm we were leasing had some problems. Mostly problems with the owners who were temporary (life rights), older (like 80+), and while they enjoyed collecting an income on the property, had absolutely no desire to maintain the property – after all it would revert to someone else at some point anyway.

We had big dreams for the place. The kind of dreams that took a lot of investment, both in labor and financial input. As we moved along, it became clear that our labor of love wasn’t appreciated, nor supported, and the whole endeavor became more and more risky – not to mention, cold. Yes, very cold. One of the biggies on the long maintenance list was a non-working heat pump. So, in one of the coldest winters, we had space heater heat which was expensive and couldn’t keep the house warm and frozen pipes.

So we started looking, and praying, for a farm that would more meet our family’s needs, our animal’s needs, and our desires for education outreach. And, we found it. Really fast. I mean like once we made the decision, and I went to the computer to look – it was there. And, it was perfect. And it was available immediately – in the dead of winter.

Horses in snow...So what did we end up with? Well another beautiful piece of property. This one, though, has fencing and cross-fencing, run-in shelters, two horse barns, a pony barn (which is now the kid barn), 3 additional barns, two ponds, 30+ acres of woodland, and a good size stream. The 100 year old farm house was just completely renovated (finished just weeks before we moved in) and uses propane heat, which is toasty warm! There are built in book cases to satisfy our #1 fetish and we now have a study/office/homeschool room so our dining room is free for eating and no longer collects project clutter! Plus we have two outbuildings – one will be turned into an art studio and the other a “clubhouse”.

So much opportunities here for sharing! We are looking forward to hosting an exchange student and lots of fun, educational events, picnics and farm days! We’ll post events on our education websites and Facebook!

So we jumped at the opportunity and the rest –well it isn’t history, yet, as we are still in the process of moving. The big stuff is here at the new house, and the animals, and we have weathered several storms including a monster snow storm. But, we have lots and lots left to do to complete the process and we are tackling it at a pace we can handle…

The goat field...

Future horse field...