A bit of an intro!

Our son Thomas (8 years old this month) has a fascination with God, religion, culture, mythology and archeology. For these topics, he is full of questions and healthy doses of surprising philosophy. It is no small wonder that he is also in love with the Indiana Jones movies – all of them. I find this amusing since the first of these apparently timeless adventures was released in the ’70’s.

Scene from the Young Indiana Jones - The Early Years.

Scene from the Young Indiana Jones – The Early Years.

The Resources

With all this input, I had a bright idea that maybe we could use the adventures of Indiana Jones to encourage his interests in these areas and started doing some research to see if anyone else had done this and to get some ideas. In doing so I discovered that there was an educational television show based on the movies, entitled “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” (Amazon.com) which can also be viewed free on Netflix.

One only has to Google “teacher resources Indiana Jones” and you’ll discover a wealth of teaching materials, lesson plans and more. Obviously, I’m not the first to venture down this path! There are Facebook pages (other than our new one where we will be chronicling our own adventures) including this Indy in the Classroom page! There’s even a really cool Pinterest board and a CNN iNews story about the founder of “Indy in the Classroom!”

I also found some very useful information and ideas, as well as a great collection of links for related clothes and books that made easy work of gathering items for Thomas’ Christmas and upcoming birthdays (Shhhh…) in this article, “How To Raise Your Child To Be A Real-Life Indiana Jones!” As you can see, this road has been traveled – at least in the conventional classroom. We are taking if further, venturing down an “un” schooling path where the classroom walls have been removed and the world is at our disposal…

Soon we’ll have some cool picts of T in his own Indiana getups having his own adventures to post here and on Facebook!

ps: Field trips and shareable activities will be posted on our Orange Explorers club site as well! Stay tuned and tag along!

pps: While you can watch the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on Netflix, but if you purchase the DVD’s on Amazon you get the incredible educational documentaries that were made for them…