Student Exchange Program

4-H and AYA

Here on the FUNie Farm, we are delighted to provide opportunities for students from around the globe to spend a school year in America, enjoying an American host family and attending a local, public or private school.  The reward for the families is an amazing experience for the whole family and an international friend for life!

This year, we hosted two students through two different programs.


4-H Homestay Program

The first program was a short, 4 week summer program sponsored by 4-H. For this Homestay Program, the students are Japanese, approximately 13 years old and are eager to please.  A list goes out with interests and you choose the child. Eryn chose a girl her age and as similar interests as she could. The girls had an incredible experience! I won’t lie and say it wasn’t hard – especially the first few days with a mostly non-english speaking guest. But we all learned to communicate and to appreciate the differences in each other’s cultures, and the experience turned out to be wonderful for the whole family! This years list has already come out and Eryn has chosen her next summer roommate!

If you want to learn more about the 4-H Summer Inbound program, check out this website or call your local Extension Office.


 Academic Year in America (AYA)

The second program we are delighted to be involved in is the AIFS Organization’s in bound exchange program called Academic Year in America.  AYA is a well run program that places and provides phenomenal support for the students in their program. This year we hosted our first full year student from Germany and the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the time we had with our wonderful new daughter and sibling.

I was so impressed with AYA from the beginning, that I also signed up to be a Local Coordinator with the organization and I only continue to be impressed. There are many advantages to offering your home to an international student. If you think you may be interested in hosting or even curious about it, contact me and I will gladly answer your questions!