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Land & Ocean Conservation In Agricultural Lifestyles for a Sustainable, Traceable, & Environmentally Wise Universe (LSU)

Farm-based high school,  STEM summer camps & workshops!

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W. U.

Making observations - LSU Science Adventure Camp

Analyzing samples during the lunch break

Funny, right? Well, here at Independence FUNie Farm (IFF) we believe in several things. One of those is the connectedness of all the things on this planet. For example, the connection between our very agricultural/rural landscape and the topsoil, manure and chemicals that regularly wash into the streams and finally the ocean. Another of our beliefs is in sharing information and imparting knowledge in a fun, engaging and systemic (or holistic) way. Not only that, we love to share resources, talent, knowledge, and more! To that end, we offer a series of STEM summer camps, weekend workshops and some after school activities for young learners that encourage a love for learning, science, animal husbandry, technology, well, you get the idea! While we are at it, we encourage through example and lessons, stewardship of this wonderful planet on which we live.

About LSU

Farm campers experimenting with using simple machines to make work easier.

Farm campers experimenting with using simple machines to make work easier.

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U = Land & Ocean Conservation In Agricultural Lifestyles for a Sustainable, Traceable, & Environmentally Wise Universe (LSU)

That long name comes with an even bigger responsibility! LoSU is taking on several challenging goals with love, dedication and enthusiasm. Our mission is to use STEM* related educational components to bring the exciting world of ocean research and exploration inland. Specifically, LoSU will bring the world of ocean science to the agricultural communities.

A high-school…

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W. U. is pleased to announce the expansion of our activities to include a farm-based high school. We are currently looking for property in the Richmond area. Stay tuned to our updated website for important updates and information regarding the school project!

After school and summer camps…

LSU kayaking group

LSU Adventure Science Camp kayaking expedition up a creek to a beaver dam.

LoSU offers exciting learning opportunities for 4th-12th grade students in rural agricultural areas. With these activities, students will learn elements of earth science, climatology, chemistry, physics and more. They will also learn how the ocean impacts their lives and how they, in turn, impact the ocean as agricultural communities.

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U. will foster a strong desire for stewardship of the earth and it’s resources including watersheds in the Nation’s agricultural areas. At the same time, children will be engaged in and excited about the endless of possibilities for their futures in the myriad of related science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields that they will be exposed to through these learning adventures!

*STEM refers to education in the following areas; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Visit L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U. for more information.