Packing & Carting with Goats!

4-H Pack Goat Project

Thomas and Mocha - pack goat partners

Thomas and Mocha – pack goat partners

ou read that right! IFFarm kids (the two legged variety) have lots of goats. They are also avid outdoor enthusiasts. One of the things they enjoy the most is combining their love for their goat buddies with their enthusiasm for hiking! It’s a great mix and both kids and goats thoroughly enjoy their outdoor time!

As members of the Orange 4-H Goat Club, in Orange County, VA, we are continuing our pack goat project and are excited to have new members who are as enthusiastic as we are about goat packing. We will have a pack goat obstacle training here on the farm several times throughout the warm season and regularly scheduled hikes.

Come join the fun!

If you are interested in joining the Goat Club and participating in the pack goat project, you may use the Farm Contact page or sign in to our Shutterfly site for more info!