Movie Making Club

Thomas & Friend at Liberty U Cinematic Dept

Thomas & Friend at Liberty U Cinematic Dept

Black Ops Studio. That’s what Thomas is calling his new film making endeavors. We are working on Youtube channels and he is busy writing a script for his first TV series as I write this! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of resources out there for kids looking to get into this field, so we are forging a path!

Together we have started a movie making club to bring like minded kids together – hopefully with some mentors we pick up along the way – to help foster this love for the field they are in.

Where: Here at the Farm!

When: First Tuesday of the month at 2:30

For additional, related field trips and activities that you can attend with your children and we will share those through the Orange Explorers club. We will share as much of this learning journey as possible!