Archeology with Indy!

Thomas with Indy paraphernalia - lots of it!

Thomas with Indy paraphernalia – lots of it!

Somewhere between Montessori and unschooling lies our home schooling adventures. The key is the search for answers mixed with a healthy dose of adventuresome play. For this particular experiment, our 8 year old son, Thomas will take us all on an journey of exploration in archeology, mythology, religion and culture through the fantastic and imaginative adventures of Indiana Jones! We keep track of his exploits here on the Farm blog as well as on his Facebook Fan page!

To support this endeavor, we have started an archeology club!

Where:  here on the Farm

When:   first Tuesday of each month at 1PM!


All ages welcome. We have lots of exciting things planned!

For additional, related field trips and activities that you can attend with your children and we will share those through the Orange Explorers club. We will share as much of this learning journey as possible!