4-H Horse Club

Natural Horse Addicts

NHA 4-H horse club member and leader

NHA 4-H horse club member with helper

Natural Horse Addicts is a Parelli horsemanship based horse education and training 4-H club. Members are provided lessons through educational DVDs, hands on activities, and training/riding demonstrations. Our goal is to provide youth who are interested in hands on activities with horses the opportunity to learn about and to develop a working relationship with horses.

4-H horse club NHA member on obstacle course

4-H horse club NHA member on obstacle course

Our members currently have a wide ranges of skills from very beginner who do not own a horse to more advanced competitors. Member activities in the club are based on their current skills and abilities. There is truly something for every one!

The club meets the first Saturday of the month for a business meeting and an educational component and on the third Saturday of the month for hands on horsemanship work. There are many special events and field trips as well! Our club is honored to work with Carole Huffman and Mike Simmons, Parelli Instructors as well as many other leaders in this field!

4-H horse club NHA Shutterfly website

4-H horse club NHA Shutterfly website

The club has two meetings each month plus extra hands-on sessions. On the 2nd Thursday at 7 PM, we have our business/planning meeting and on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10 AM – both events are here at the farm. This club serves Orange, Culpeper and surrounding counties.

The club has a facebook page and a Shutterfly website which contain a lot of important club information.

You are welcome to contact us about club activities and membership through the Farm’s Contact page or through the Facebook and Shutterfly sites!