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A Family Run Farm in Virginia Since 2012 

What began as a humble homesteading and homeschool operation in the early 2000’s has turned into a full-fledged farm and educational endeavor. In 2012, our daughter decided she wanted to go into business. She was awarded a $5,000 USDA youth loan to start her goat herd and officially sparked the beginning of our new endeavors…

Our Products & Services


We love to share information! To that end, we frequently offer workshops, classes and summer camps for all ages! 

Bees & Honey

Now that we are settling in to our new farm, we are in the process of re-establishing our bee hives. Bee a honey share member & supporter!

Produce, Fruit & Flowers

This year we are adding cut flower gardens, a greenhouse and lots of produce. CSA or some sort of farm store is coming! Stay tuned…


Our mixed goat herd is designed to provide meat or milk and thrive, as naturally as possible, in this East Coast environment. 


Our new Waddle/Yorkshire gilts will be arriving soon! They will serve as the foundation for our hog operation. 

Podcasts & Blog

Along the lines of sharing, we are starting a weekly  podcast and offer some regular blogging about our endeavors.



We have well over 20 years experience in Web development & design. Let us help you get your farm or NFP online!

High School

Is your high schooler ready to graduate and get on with their life? We can help! Our Graduate Now program launches them into life. We can also help with homeschool transcripts.

We haven’t always been farmers! Chris has degrees and experience with business management as well as educating young adults. Resi has degrees and many years experience in Web design, education outreach, and educating youth. Let us help you solve your tech and kid-ed problems! 

Not organic–natural

We do not have the “organic” government label, but we grow our foods naturally and sustainably, without the harsh chemicals that even organic growers use. 

Why Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable, holistic methodology for growing food. The principles of permaculture fit our ideals and desire for food production in the 21st Century.


Ethically raised

Our foundation livestock are on the permaculture journey with us. Our goal is to create an environment that allows them to act natural and behave the way they are meant to. 

From the blog…

Well, hello.

Well, hello.

I saw her last night in the mirror as I passed by. She was right there, unexpectedly, and smiling warmly. I stopped and stared. A flood of emotions swept though me. I had only ever seen her in older photos. She was a beautiful young woman and I had always wondered...

Slow Cooker Apple-Scented Venison Roast

Slow Cooker Apple-Scented Venison Roast

Well, we are at it again. Either it's a venison theme week or we are running low on groceries and short on choices. 🙂 It just so happened we were going to be out fairly late in the evening helping with some fair preparations on a warm Sunday afternoon and we needed...

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comforatable living from a small piece of land.”
—Abraham Lincoln

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