Thomas and I are starting another learning adventure to go along with our Indiana Jones Archeology! We have added movie making to our repertoire and are embarking on our first series. I use “our” lightly as this is all Thomas’ doing and I am merely a guide and facilitator in this process. Thomas’ love for archeology and the Indiana Jones movies is topped by only one thing: that is the making of those movies.

A trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios two years ago when Thomas was only 6 did nothing but add a ton of fuel to that fire. Since then we have dabbled in movie making with his iPad. This past summer, he participated in a free Mac Store iMovie Camp where he learned about storyboards, shot some footage for a two minute film and created the trailer for the short and sweet film festival that capped the week’s activities. It was a nice taste of what was to come.

During that process, Thomas came up with the name “Black Ops Studios” to represent his film making endeavors and is now working on his first TV series titled: “The Shadows Reborn”. This series follows the exploits of a group of heavily empowered magical vigilantes who have taken it upon themselves to team up for the sole purpose of stopping the Shadow Empress and her band of Shadow Assassins from establishing world domination.

Thomas has been busy drawing story boards for each scene and using Dragon Dictation on his iPad to establish the basics of each storyboard. He has set up his cast of characters and basic storyline and is making plans for writing the actual script, casting, and filming. The plan is to develop the cast and collect their email addresses then send out the script for reading. Then, we’ll have a couple of scheduled shooting days followed by the editing phase. As the facilitator (and Agent) I’m hoping to find a venue to have a pilot preview party!

Meanwhile we had a really cool tour of Liberty University’s Cinematic Department. More to come on that! And, we just discovered this really cool website for digital story telling that came out of the University of Mary Washington: which is an open, on-line digital storytelling course.

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