Wow! I have to say this new system seems to be working really well! I’ve not seen the kids working so hard and diligently and enjoying the learning process like they have this week. Of course, we are in that “Cinderella” stage – so we’ll see if it wears off!

Today we study language arts. For this, we fall on the Robinson Curriculum Professor Klump’s grammar and spelling lessons, some Reading Skill Builder exercises, copy work and writing assignments. The kids really enjoy the “Draw•Write•Now books (even at their age) and we use the Excellence In Writing (EIW) studies and techniques. EIW techniques are used across the curriculum for pretty much everything they do including notebooking and writing about science and history.

Our homeschooling curriculum is a hodgepodge of things that we feel provides a well-rounded exposure. Over all, the curriculum is heavily influenced by both Robinson (more for reading and grammar) and Charlotte Mason techniques and reading lists.

So far, so good!