iPhone for iPhonography!

iPhone for iPhonography!

I have to say that I feel blessed to have this handy little device with me every where I go. I have the Blackboard and Liberty apps that allow me to perform school tasks even if I am away from my computer. iTunes U allows downloads of course presentations among other things and there’s my wonderful music collection that grows constantly. Another of my favorite apps is Kindle which offers a portable library full of books including textbooks. Of course there’s dozens of other tools and useful apps, like “night sky” that holds mine and my children’s rapt attention as we discover and name the constellations.

FUNie Farm Turkey

Learn about a cool app that creates a controlled depth of field in your images. (Snow Whitingale, a FUNie Farm Mascot, was kind enough to model for this effect)

But, by far, my most favorite iPhone tool is the camera. There’s an old adage that the best camera to use is the one that you have with you. The iPhone camera is pretty much always with me when I am out and about, but also as I work at home on the farm. I love to listen to library audio books through the Overdrive Library app while I work. It’s a great way to learn while I’m filling stock tanks, mowing, working on fences, or any of the dozens of farm related tasks. What that means is, I always have my phone camera and it’s easier to catch those warm, fuzzy moments that occur routinely on the farm.

The technology behind this device is amazing when you consider where digital camera technology was just a few short years ago and the resolution compares well against many of the point and shoot cameras on the market today. Best of all, you are more likely to have it on your person when that “moment” comes.

There’s a few things I’ve learned about ‘iphonography’ as I’ve been playing with mine and I’ll share those tips with you over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!