Just one of the precious moments we would love to share!

I’ve had it, this dream, for many years. In the dream, our farm is a hub of learning activities and family fun. There are cowboy tents for summer camps and a bath house, rolling hills, woods with trails, streams and a large pond with boats. There are extensive play areas for kids, beautiful landscaping, gardens, and the lawns are meticulously kept.

People come to the farm from all over to learn, explore or picnic with their family and friends in the beautiful Virginia setting. We offer highly sought after school programs, weekend workshops and summer camps, all offering science enrichment and art programs that compliment both public and homeschool programs.

Well, now that things are settling down in our lives, it is time to mold this into reality! What do we need to make this happen? First and foremost, a farm! We have a beautiful farm with active horse training and a real goat raising operation. Landscaping and kiddie play areas are in the works. But there is so much more to be done!

The gallery below shows some of the details we will be working on this summer to begin this conversion process! We will chronicle the activities and progress as we go so check back or watch our Farm’s Facebook page.