Baby Annabelle's first day

It’s a girl!!

For several years, Eryn and I have researched buying a Jersey cow for milk. We found a delightful coop and own cow shares on a beautiful farm in Madison County and enjoy the sweet, delicious, unadulterated fresh milk. But to have it in our own back yard would be more convenient and possibly less expensive…

What we discovered was that Jersey cows are EXPENSIVE to purchase! We opted to start on a smaller, cheaper scale and began looking for a heifer calf that we could raise instead. We were blessed to discover that a friend of ours had a possibly pregnant Jersey, who was bred with a Jersey bull or perhaps at a later date, by an angus bull. If it was a jersey and it was a female – well, we would get first dibs.

In April, the announcement came via cell phone text while we were vacationing at Disney world! It’s a girl! And, it was born far too early to be the angus cross – it was a full Jersey baby! What a doll she was too!

Unfortunately, for our wonderful friend, the task of milking a cow without help or backup with a full time job proved too much. In the end she offered us both the cow and the calf! What a blessing!

Izzy and Annie (Isabelle and Annabelle) have become a delightful addition to our farm and are settling in quite nicely! We are now in the process of researching best practices, feeding, mineral requirements, and milking! More to come as we learn about these beautiful girls!