The kids studying History of US!

Joy Hakim’s “History of US” provides the guided learning of our North American history beginning with the ice age crossing of the Bearing Strait!

Today we embarked on our journey through Joy Hakim’s “History of US: The First Americans, Prehistory -1600.” We talked about why we study history and then hopped in our time machine and went back to the stone age 40,000 years ago. Another hop in the time machine forward to the ice age and we crossed Beringia into what we now call Alaska following hungry ice age hunters on the trail of the mammoth. In the new world, we discovered an abundance of animals, grasslands and forests and made it our home.

Notebooking pages show the journey. Each child made their own graphic record of what they discovered on their trip.

Various internet references were discovered. Sites like Junior General which has paper cutouts of all kinds of things going back to dinosaur times including the ice age people used to make up our scenes. NOAA’s Ocean Explorer offered a recent study of Florida’s ice age coastline and possible traces of the earliest North Americans!

We were glad to get back as the trek was made all the more exhausting by  having to avoid the wild predators of the time. We built a timeline and put together a hunt story with the cutout figures from the Junior General site. A great day and more to come!