Hog Processing Workshop

Happy, pasture raised hogs!

Happy, pasture raised hogs!

Join us to learn one of the ultimate self-sustaining skills – meat processing. Twice a year we will be processing natural, pasture raised hogs and we invite you to come for this informative 2 day butchering workshop

We start Saturday 11 am – 1 pm with a pasture raised hog.  Learn to kill safely and very humanely and to start the processing.

Sunday 11 am – 3 pm we will finish the hog. Throughout the workshop you will cover:

  • Knives and tools needed
  • Learn and process the cuts
  • Safe raw meat handling
  • Grinding and sausage recipes
  • Preserving and packaging the meat

Workshop is two hours on Saturday and four hours Sunday. Cost is $45

Space is limited. Sign up by contacting us or join the Facebook event!

Next Class:

  • May 9: 11-1 Part I
  • May 10: 11-3 Part II