Honey Shares

Sweet Honey Shares!

Raw, unfiltered honey from the farm!

Raw, unfiltered honey from the farm!

Are you worried about the dwindling bee populations?

Perhaps you are concerned about the increase in chemicals used in agriculture or you are more attuned to the dangers of highly refined sugars in the body. Many people are looking for healthier, more natural alternatives for sweetening and and real, raw honey seems to be the perfect choice!

As the market demand for honey has gone up, the numbers of honey bees creating the stuff has dropped. There are questions about the authenticity of the honey that is hitting the grocery store shelves and more and more folks are looking more for local suppliers.

If you are interested in locally produced, raw, unfiltered honey or simply wish to support an active bee colony, you have come to the right place!

In 2017, our hives were destroyed by a tornado. As it was late in the season and we knew were would be purchasing a new farm and moving, we did not re-establish the hives. This year has been the move and get settled year. Our hives are being repaired and painted in preparation for the 2019 season! Stay tuned as we will bring back Honey Shares in 2019!

We are gratefully accepting donations to help re-establish our bee colonies. 🙂