IFFarm/LSUHS Fall 2019 Carpentry Class

10 Week Carpentry Class

IFFarm/LSUHS Carpentry Class

IFFarm/LSUHS Carpentry Class students assessing the prepping the shed for construction.

We finished our carpentry class last week. It’s been an interesting fall session. The goal was to design and build a tiny house while learning how to use the tools and equipment common to carpentry. We used an old, red barn/shed for the project. It had been moved into position but not leveled. The students learned to level the building using a pneumatic jack, level, blocks and shims. Then we cleaned out some old feed cans and buckets and measured the space. We discussed the style of the shed’s construction including the roof, which is important. They took the measurements home along with some large grided paper and came back with some floor plan ideas for the tiny house. We all worked together, discussing the pros and cons of the different ideas to take the best pieces from their plans to create one plan to move forward with.

The students also learned a bit about electricity and the difference between Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). This tiny house will run on DC current (batteries) and be completely off grid so there were things to consider when planning the electrical use.

We will continue this project with the students in the Spring. For the next phase, we will install the wiring and plumbing. Then place insulation and wall coverings, install light fixtures and buildout the bathroom and the kitchen. Finally, we will paint and decorate.

IFFarm tiny house design

IFFarm tiny house designIFFarm tiny house design



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