Our Animals

The Other Residents of IFF!

The Farm currently has an eclectic mix of livestock!


Getting that market goat ready for auction!

Getting that market goat ready for auction!

The farm currently has a 21 goats including 14 pregnant dairy, boer, and boer cross does; 3 pack goat wethers, and two dairy and kiko cross bucks. The goats represent the “working” part of the farm and are managed by our daughter, who started this as her own business, as “Independence Farm Goats”.

You can learn a lot more about the goats and goat operations at the Farm’s goat site! We are expecting our 2015 Spring babies at any moment, so stay tuned!



IFF is home to 4 permanent resident horses (Arabs and Arab/Appaloosa mixes) and 3 wonderful ponies. We also currently have a 2 gorgeous paint quarterhorses on lease here at the farm. We love to trail ride and camp and are looking forward to logging some competitive trail rides with ACTHA this year!